58th Thessaloniki International Film festival
Sani Festiva 2017
The Noble Hog
GR design magazine cover
Petitis Grecs
I gorgona (The Mermaid)
Vlassides Winery
Sani Festival 2016
Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort
Start - Create Cultural Change
Sani Magazine 2016
Sani Gourmet 2016
The Theological School of Halki: The building and its restoration
Venetsanos Winery
Ateneo, Gelateria & Deli
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Kleemann Global Design brochure
Artists in Residence 2015
Kleemann brochures
Music Village 2015
Sani Festival 2015
First Bottling
Bazenesmen: Babis Papadopoulos, Christos Yermenoglou
Domaine Gerovassiliou, Museum Collection
Arogi - Corporate brochure
Sani Magazine
ikos resorts
Sani Gourmet 2015
Sani Cup
Idea Olive Oil
Tor Hotel Group: Excelsior, Eagles and City hotel brochures
Eagles Palace
Ktima Gerovassiliou, packaging of Magnum bottles
Babis Papadopoulos: Joy in pain, pain in joy
Wine Museum Gerovassiliou, visual identity
Music Village 2014
Sani Festival 2014
Sani Resort Grand Reserve
Sani Magazine, print and digital edition
Marbella Corfu menus
Sani Gourmet 2014
Tzimas Cosmetics, print ad series
Domaine Gerovassiliou, Malagouzia
48th Dimitria
Agora, extra virgin olive oil
Sani Festival 2013
Maleas Olive Oil
Esθisi Olive Oil
Yannis Agelakas, I Gelasti Anifora
Pellito Sesame & Peanut
Sani Magazine 2013
Sani Gourmet 2013
One step ahead
Mono, Tsantalis, wine labels
Bite Me, Grills & Snacks
Thessaloniki 2012
Psaroyorgis, Heretis, Agelakas, Veliotis
The Museum inside the Museum
Grevena, 80 years of photographs
The Tsolozidis Collection
Sani Magazine 2012
Sani Gourmet 2012
Signage and interior graphics for Attica stores
Thessaloniki Food Festival
Underwater Chess, InJoy your fear
De Facto, The yard of miracles
US Funding Brochure
Sani Festival 2011
Sani Magazine 2011
Music Village 2011
Sani Gourmet 2011
Martin Koenig, Images and Voices of Bulgaria
Domaine Gerovassiliou, Avaton & Malagousia
Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Tarira
Pella wine labels
Sokratis Malamas, Out
Matamis Syrah
Poster about Thessaloniki, for the Parallaxi magazine 20th anniversary
Wine gift packaging
Babis Papadopoulos, From Draco's Cave
Product packaging
Sani Magazine 2010
Music Village 2010
Sani Festival 2010
Sani Gourmet 2010
Illustrations for Agapitos pastry shops
Biennale 2
Sani Resort
Kassandra Palace hotel
Lithinoi and Mistikos Erotikos labels
Guesthouse & vineyard
Babis Papadopoulos, Scenes From a Journey
Estate Voyatzi, wine labels
Biennale 1, exhibition catalogues, 2007-2008
Thessaloniki Concert Hall program covers 2003-2008
49th Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Yok Balik grill room
Scientist in the Picture, Greece, 1900-1980
Sani Gourmet, program covers 2007-2010
Wine labels and product brochure, 2004-2010

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