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Sani Festiva 2017
Start - Create Cultural Change
The Theological School of Halki: The building and its restoration
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Music Village 2015
Music Village 2014
Sani Festival 2014
48th Dimitria
Sani Festival 2013
Music Village 2013
To Avgo (the egg)
Thessaloniki 2012
Music Village 2012
The Tsolozidis Collection
Sani Festival 2012
Christmas at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Thessaloniki Food Festival
Sani Festival 2011
Music Village 2011
Music Village 2010
Sani Festival 2010
Biennale 2
Events planners, 2007-2008
Biennale 1, exhibition catalogues, 2007-2008
Thessaloniki Concert Hall program covers 2003-2008
49th Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Monthly program of performances
Crime's Tooth, theatrical
43rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Logo and program for Institut Francais de Thessalonique
Thessaloniki Design Museum
Sani Festival, program covers 2000-2010