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Music Village 2015
Music Village 2014
Chrysikos - Hearing Enhancement Solutions
Music Village 2013
Bite Me, Grills & Snacks
Music Village 2012
Ghost Note Project, Sensomatic
Thessaloniki Food Festival
Sani Festival 2011
Music Village 2011
Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Tarira
Poster about Thessaloniki, for the Parallaxi magazine 20th anniversary
Music Village 2010
Illustrations for Agapitos pastry shops
Mad Max, Mad Max
Yiannis Aggelakas - Nikos Veliotis, When will we get here
Yok Balik grill room
Yiannis Aggelakas and the Visitors, From Here and Up
Υiannis Aggelakas - Nikos Veliotis, The breaths of wolves
Ghetto, But if you come from there
Sani Festival, program covers 2000-2010